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Mallorca, trekking paradise: one of the most charming places to hike!

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Mallorca is an island that presents a large variety of landscapes. This translates into mountain routes, coast and valleys coexisting very close-by. The Serra de Tramuntana and the Serra de Llevant are the most rugged areas on the island. We can delight us with several peaks over 1,000 meters to the 1,443 meters of Puig Major, and in areas of softer terrain, small hills up to 561 meters. The shores of the South and North coast, and the central plain also hide landscapes that will surprise the hikers who venture on their trails.

The Serra de Tramuntana has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in the category of Cultural Landscape. It is the highest recognition of the international community to the nearly perfect symbiosis between human action and nature. This mountain range of sedimentary rock (mostly limestone), rises sharply right against the Mediterranean Sea and shapes the whole the northwest face of the island of Mallorca. It extends all along 90 kilometres, with a maximum width of 15 kilometres, and makes up for almost 30% of the island’s total area at 1,000 km². The most characteristic peaks at over 1,000 meters high, are the Puig Major, Puig de Massanella, the Serra d’Alfàbia, Es Teix and Galatzó.

This impressive mountain range welcomes us to follow amazing seaside cliffs, climbing the most emblematic peaks, walking the dry stone paths, reaching snow homes, coal shacks, holm-oak tours, beaches, canyons…and much, much more!