Multi-pitch climbing in Mallorca

Sa Gubia (250m)

  • Albaida (200m, V). Traditional climbing (Bestseller)
  • Supernova, Spits n´Giggles (180m, 6a), sport climbing
  • Sol Solet (220m 6b+) sport climbing
  • Princesa (250m, 6b+, A0), sport climbing
  • Ley del deseo (190m, 6a) sport climbing

Needle 70m, V+

Alaró Castle (150m)

Pareis canyon, Entreforc wall (300m)

  • Entreforc Normal (300m, 6a+, A1), traditional climbing
  • Entreforc Sagitari (300m, 6c+, A0), sport climbing
  • Entreforc Rectal (300m, 6b), traditional climbing
  • Entreforc ses bòvedes, (300m, 6c, A0), sport climbing
  • Entreforc Suizos (300m, 7b), sport climbing

Puig Major Paredon and Agulla del Frare (300m)

Choose your route and contact Món d’Aventura, TOGETHER WE GO UP

If the climbing route you want to climb is not on our list, do not hesitate to request it, we will do our best to fulfill your dreams!

These are some routes of sports climbing that we can climb together, (always subject to environmental regulations).

If you want to adventure to climb a multi-pitch route in Mallorca, in Món d’Aventura we offer you mountain guides and climbing knowledgeable about the most beautiful routes and for all levels. Don’t worry if it’s your first time climbing large walls. If you have climbed before in sport climbing routes, with rope in climbing halls or have done the three-day climbing course with Món d’Aventura, it’s enough to get into this fascinating world of the long route.

In Mallorca there are routes for all levels and tastes. With a minimum grade of IV+ you can climb walls with our team of mountain guides up to 250 meters high and more than 450 meters long. And if you’re a strong climber, surely we find the best climbing route to challenge the personal limits of each one!

During the climb, you will learn the right techniques to climb a climbing route over 70 meters high and the guide will teach you the techniques of climbing, progression and assurance based on the knowledge of each participant.