Initiation Climbing Courses in Mallorca

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Intended for people who want to start sport climbing

Initiation-level climbing courses are intended for anyone who has never practiced climbing or who doesn’t know the techniques necessary to carry out the activity safely, who wants to start climbing or who wants to get into this sport. The courses are intended for participants from 13 years old. For younger people, we recommend a private climbing baptism.

The initiation course is divided into three days. Each day constitutes a day of activity of approximately 4 hours of course.

Those interested will be able to choose the course they want to start with based on their knowledge.

Once the Initiation III course has been passed, the participants will have the necessary tools to practice climbing independently.

Initiation I

A course designed for people who want to learn rock climbing. During the session we will practice the basic maneuvers of sport climbing, safety means and basic progression technique with the rope from above (Top rope).

In addition to knowing the different climbing modalities, we will know and use the basic material, and each participant will be tested with routes of different levels. Future climbers will be the protagonists of the session and we will practice a day of climbing where the instructor will check that the maneuvers are done correctly and safely. In addition, we will know some of the areas to practice climbing in Mallorca, and minimizing the environmental impact.

We will agree on a meeting point, depending on the time of year (Palma, Pollença, Alcúdia Manacor, Escorca…).


  • Meet the sport of climbing, its different modalities and possibilities in Mallorca.
  • Know and use the basic material of sport climbing.
  • Learn to make and use the most used safety knots.
  • Insure using different insurers: Gri-Gri, reverse and dynamic knot.
  • Climb in “top rope” mode a minimum of three climbing routes each.
  • Learn and belay a climber correctly in at least three climbing routes.
  • Rappelling safely using proper technique.
  • Know our initial level to choose the best routes for each climber.

Initiation II

A course designed for climbers who know the contents of the previous course or have completed the Initiation I course. We will review all the contents taught in the previous level, practicing them throughout the session.

In this session, we will climb more autonomously, we will have to string ourselves in pairs using the correct equipment and maneuvers to practice climbing safely, and the climbing instructor will check, at all times, that the safety protocols are followed.
We will review the climbing technique in Top Rope and we will begin to climb first in the rope with additional means of security, emphasizing the clip techniques, the progression technique and belaying with rope below.
The participants will start the correct end-of-lane maneuvers without carabiners in the meeting and to do a fortune rappel midway.

The course will take place in an area other than the Initiation I course.


  • Review the contents of the Initiation I climbing course.

  • Apply lead climbing with additional means of safety.

  • Learn the correct maneuver to go off-hook when we find a meeting with a ring.

Initiation III

A course designed for climbers who have already practiced the contents of the Initiation II climbing course or have completed the second course. We will review all the contents taught in the previous course and we will put them into practice throughout the session. The participants will already climb autonomously, we will select the climbing route according to the level of each one, we will have to string in pairs using the correct material and the safety protocols learned. We will review the lead climbing technique and climb using this technique, emphasizing the techniques of clipping, belaying and falling.
We will practice the climbing fall first with the correct dynamic fall blocking technique. We will assume the correct end-of-track maneuvers with ring at the meeting and we will rappel down from it.
Participants who successfully complete this block will have acquired the necessary knowledge to climb independently and without the help of an instructor. With the completion of the third course of the first level (Initiation), we will obtain a certificate of participation from the company with the corresponding recognition of the training hours.

The Initiation III course is done in an area that the participants haven’t visited and different from the previous courses.


  • Review the contents of the Initiation II climbing course.
  • Apply the lead climbing.
  • Finish the ring route at the meeting using the correct technique.
  • Select the correct routes based on the degree of difficulty previously achieved.
  • Secure falls safely.
  • Perform falls safely.
Personal equipment of each participant
essential recommended  not recommended
  • comfortable clothes
  • sports shoes
  • water (minimum 1.5 L./person)
  • snack (snack, energy bars, fruit)
  • photo camera
  • electronic devices
  • valuables
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • full harness and safety helmet
  • ropes and necessary technical material
  • guide titled with:
    • first aid kit
    • means of communication: mobile phone and/or radio
    • rescue and aid material

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