Climbing equipment rental in Mallorca

Prices/day for equipment rental

climbing equipment
 concept  €/day  concept   €/day
harness  5 climbing shoes 10
helmet 5 quickdraw 2,5
 rope 0,5/m. locking carabiner 1
rope bag 0 eight descender 2
chalk bag 5 Gri gri belayer 5
 lanyard 3
complete climbing equipment for 2 people (€ 25/person/day)
  • 2 x harness
  • 2 x helmet
  • 1 x chalk bag
  • 2 x climbing shoes
  • 12 x quickdraws
  • 1 x Gri gri belayer
+ rope = € 0,50/m.

*Special prices for rentals of more than one day. Contact us for more information. 

equipment lease conditions
  • Request the necessary equipment the day before.
  • The presentation of an ID and a debit or credit card is required to collect the equipment.
  • The lessee agrees to return the equipment in the same state in which it has been provided and within 24 hours from pick up.
  • The delay in the return of the material will be charged as a new rental period.
  • Any loss or damage will be economically penalized.
  • In case of non-return of the equipment, the RP will be charged to the card whose data has been provided.
  • The lessor is not responsible for any accident suffered by the tenant during the rental period.
  • No refund will be granted for the shortening of the rental period or for the non-use of any of the items leased.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: For the safety of all, notify if any of the rented elements have suffered a strong blow or fall from more than 2 m. height (it will NOT be penalized economically)

Renting any type of equipment (except kayak and SUP boards) must be previously requested contacting the reservations center of Món d’Aventura.

ATTENTION! The use of any type of equipment is not recommended for people who don’t have experience with it. Món d’Aventura wouldn’t be responsible for any accident resulting from a negligent and/or irresponsible behavior.