Hiking in the Torrent de Pareis (Mallorca)

The excursion for excellence: Natural Monument of Mallorca

ATTENTION: Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19, the public bus is out of service until further notice, so it may be necessary to return by taxi from Sa Calobra to Restaurant Escorca (pvp: € 10/person).

 meeting point

 08:00 h. Restaurant Escorca (Escorca)

 (39.826229, 2.847081) (map)

 length  6 hours
 level  medium-hard
 approximate distance  5 kilometers
 maximum altitude  630 meters (restaurant Escorca)
 recommended minimum age  10 years old
 highlights  rocky landscape like no other


Because of its 300 meters walls, its wild character and some complicated steps, most of the Majorcan mountaineers consider the Torrent de Pareis as the most extraordinary tour of the island. Because its biological and geological oddities, the Torrent de Pareis has been declared a Natural Monument.

It is also an itinerary with due respect: very difficult for some and easy for us and our visitors if we do it with knowledge and a good guide. Hiking boots, fitness and some mountaineering experience are required. Unbridgeable itinerary, where the work of the guide will give us the confidence to overcome obstacles and lead us into an unforgettable magical journey to the area of Sa Calobra. Usually it is practicable, without wetsuits, from April to October and from 10 to 15 days after a heavy rain.

We will start the tour at the restaurant Escorca, where we leave our cars, at 630 meters above sea level, to go down in about an hour along a paved mountain patch, to the canyon of Lluc, where the trail begins down the ravine to reach the Entreforc (start of Torrente de Pareis). We will visit the end of the canyon Gorg Blau or Sa Fosca, to contemplate the great rift of more than 200 meters high, where a few meters separate the two walls.

Purely mountain route through the bed of the ravine of the Torrente de Pareis, where there is no marked path, but we will move between huge blocks, rocks and whimsical formations shaped by the bed of the ravine. The use of ropes or climbing techniques is not necessary if the correct path is followed.

At the end of the tour, participants can choose whether to return to the meeting point with the public bus or take the boat to the Port de Sóller.

ATTENTION! ALWAYS inform our booking office before confirming a reservation for this tour if we doubt the ability of any of the participants (by age, fitness, injuries…).

During the excursion

  • Our hiking guide, who knows the area and friendly service, will guarantee us a safe, enriching and fun tour, and he will explain the most important aspects of the visited places.
  • We will trek between an unknown and mysterious landscape, far from the typical routes between valleys and mountains.
  • We will enjoy the descent overlooking the Puig Roig and Cosconar houses, Range of les Farines, the carabinieri barracks, the canyon of Es Boverons...
  • We will pass through unique spots as S’Entreforc, an authentic geological wonder, cave of Es Soldat Pelut, Pool of Es Capellà, Cave of Es Romagueral, Walkway of s’Estaló, spring of Es Degotís… and many more!
  • The tour ends in the area of Sa Calobra, the natural mouth of the stream, where we can relax and give us a deserved bath.

Wild fauna

  • Often we see: goats, vermins, rock doves, blue rock thrushes, martin crags…
  • Sometimes: black vultures, kites, martens, voles, ferrerets (endemic toad of Mallorca), snail Iberellus balericus, bloody nosebeetle, bats …

Wild flora

  • More than 300 species, 10% of which they are Balearic endemic species: pine, oak, reeds, rosemary, Joan steppe, Llimonenca steppe, terebinth, holly, guillomo, nettles, ferns…

The Torrent de Pareis was declared a Natural Monument in 2003. This area has a biological oddity much faunal and floristic interest, which is explained by its rugged morphology, the perfectly unique physical environment and the local microclimate.

Personal equipment of each participant
essential recommended not recommended
  • backpack
  • comfortable clothes and shoes
  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • water (minimum 1.5 L./persona)
  • snack (nuts, energy bars, fruit)
  • lunch
  • 2.75 €/person (bus ticket)
  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • camera
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • entitled guide with:
  • first aid kit
  • Media: mobile phone and/or radio
  • rescue and relief material