Kayak and SUP rental in Mallorca


*If you can see waves or white foam on the shore, our kayak station is probably closed today. Contact us to confirm the status of the service.

How to book your kayak or SUP board rental?

  1. Contact us by phone or WhatsApp.
  2. Let us know what you want to reserve: Name, date, time (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) and number of kayaks (single or double) or SUP’s .
    *A minimum rental of 3 hours is required. to be able to book in advance.
    **Reservations will only be accepted the day before the rental, reservations can NOT be offered for the same day.
  3. We will send you a link through WhatsApp so that you can pay and confirm your reservation, online, with a credit or debit card.

Once the reservation is confirmed, the equipment is requested at the kayak station on the beach of Cala Molins, but must be collected and deposited outside the coastal area (parking).


Sit on top – unsinkable/open kayak


Sea kayak – closed kayak

For the rental of sea kayaks it’s essential to have previous experience and to know the self-rescue technique.


  • 3 hours 55 €
  • 6 hours 70 €


  • 3 hours 65 €
  • 6 hours 85 €

For whole day rentals or more than one day rentals please get in touch with our booking center.

It’s an essential requirement, in order to rent a sea/closed kayak for more than one day, to present a level or course certificate that accredits the experience or knowledge necessary for it.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

  • 1 hour 15 € (option not bookable in advance)
  • 3 hours 35 €
  • 6 hours 45 €
  • 4 or more days: 33 €/day

New giant SUP (up to 6 people!)

  • 1 hour: € 40
  • 3 hours: € 85
Were are we based? Check the sea forecast
Cala Molins
(Cala Sant Vicenç – 07469 Pollença)
map – (39.919966, 3.057693)
From Monday to Sunday from 10 to 18 h.
(last rental at 5 p.m.)



Waves and Wind


What do we offer?

  • Rental station in one of the most pristine areas of the island
  • Professional quality equipment
  • Complete equipment: kayak / paddle board + oars + seats + life jacket
  • Optional and / or additional equipment: waterproof box + map + snorkeling equipment
  • Continuously renewed fleet
  • Personalized service and advice

ATTENTION! Món d’Aventura wouldn’t be responsible for any accident resulting from a negligent and/or irresponsible behavior.