Multi-pitch climbing in Mallorca

If you want to adventure to climb a multi-pitch route in Mallorca, in Món d’Aventura we offer you mountain guides and climbing knowledgeable about the most beautiful routes and for all levels. Don’t worry if… Read more

Sports Climbing

Mallorca is an internationally paradise known by climbers of all levels, both for its rock quality and its perfect climate to practice all types of climbing: boulder, sports climbing, psicobloc or deep water soloing, classical or traditional… Read more

Climbing courses in Mallorca

Introductory Courses Multi-pitch courses for already initiated climbers Món d’Aventura offers climbing courses for all levels, from the beginner level to the most advanced courses to improve in any of the modalities we offer. We… Read more

Rock climbing in Mallorca: courses – Introduction

Designed for people who want to get a head-start in sport climbing Climbing courses are not scheduled in the calendar and will only be offered for exclusive people or groups who request it.  Initiation I Initiation II  Initiation III… Read more