Hiking Puig de l’Ofre 1080m

L’Ofre: The mysterious “volcano” of Majorca!

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 meeting point

 09:00 h. Cúber Parking (Escorca)

 (39.787336, 2.797006) (map)

 length  6 hours
 level  medium
 distance  12 kilometers
 highest point 1.091 meters (L’Ofre)
 recommended minimum age   12 years old
 highlights  breathtaking panoramics, endemic birds watching

Puig de l’Ofre is one of the highest mountains in Mallorca and one that hides more legends and secrets. Together with Els Cornadors, is the summit with which we can complete a tour to Barranc de Biniaraix. Venture into this so peculiar ascent and discover lots of stories and curiosities throughout the route.


This trek is very spectacular because of their most impressive panoramic each time on the Puig Major (1.445 meters), the reservoirs of Cúber and Gorg Blau and the beautiful views of the island to the beach of Port de Sóller.

The tour begins crossing a pine forest before reaching a stunning valley framed by mountains. On the way we will find paths of smugglers, lime kilns and snow houses, and lots of footprints of Mallorca’s history.

At 900 meters above sea level, the valley ends abruptly and we will face a steep slope, which preserves intact its very lush vegetation above 1.000 meters elevation. This mountain is very unique for its curious shape, which is almost perfect pyramidal or conical, and gives an almost volcanic aspect.

We will continue ascending along a narrow path through rough territory, reaching the top of the mountain. The incredible views of the Serra de Tramuntana make us understand why l’Ofre is also called the “roof of the world“.

The way back, between juniper and rosemary bushes, reward us with magnificent views over the two artificial lakes, where we will finish the tour.

During the excursion

  • Our hiking guide, who knows the area and friendly service, will guarantee us a safe, enriching and fun tour, and will explain the most important aspects of the places visited.
  • We will do a trek that will make us travel to the earliest times, both by the landscape and by the stories and legends.
  • We will contemplate the breathtaking views of the Serra de Tramuntana: Puig Major, Cuber Range, Els Cornadors, Alfàbia Range, Coma de Son Torrella, Cúber and Gorg Blau dams, Na Franquesa… and much more!

Wild fauna

  • Often we see: Wild goats, endemic birds…
  • Sometimes: Black vultures, peregrine falcons, kestrels, kites, martens…


  • Brutònica, wild saffron, pine, oak, poplar, reed, mata, saw palmetto, rosemary, steppe Joana, steppe llimonenca, nun bolsters (eixorba-rates white and black), sarsaparilla…
Personal equipment of each participant
essential recommended not recommended
  • backpack
  • comfortable clothes and shoes
  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • water (minimum 1.5 L./person)
  • snack (nuts, energy bars, fruit)
  • lunch
  • camera
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • guide entitled with:
    • first aid kit
    • Media: mobile phone and / or radio
    • rescue and relief material
People with special needs Private tour
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