Climbing and Deep Water Solo (DWS) in Mallorca

Multi-pitch routes from 70 to 300 meters

Deep Water Soling (DWS) by boat in unexplored areas

Climbing day adapted to any level

Package 3 Days of Climbing + Transportation + Accommodation

Beginners climbing and multipitch/various lengths courses

Deep Water From the kayak

At Món d’Aventura we offer options for everyone interested, from beginners to climbers of all levels:

  • Climbing courses for both beginners and experienced climbers
  • One-day sport climbing baptisms, with a local climbing guide from the island, good connoisseur of the best routes and climbing areas
  • Classic/traditional climbing routes and sports climbing of various lengths up to 600 meters long and 350 meters high
  • Psychobloc/Deep water soloing (DWS) tours by kayak or boat to remote places with routes for all levels

Why to climb with us in Mallorca?

  • We are official sports technicians certified by the FEDME
  • We have more than 15 years of experience climbing in Mallorca and in many other places
  • We are passionate about climbing and we make our work our hobby, we would love to convey our emotions to you!
  • We have excellent calcareous and sandstone rock with all kinds of formations
  • Routes for all levels, from the easiest for beginners to ninth grade routes
  • Great concentration of places to climb in a very short distance
  • Endless catalog of climbing schools for all tastes
  • Possibility of climbing at any time of the year, even in the hottest summer months
  • More than 300 kilometers of coastline for psychobloc or deep water soloing
  • Excellent equipment for traditional or classic climbing routes
  • Multipitch routes up to 600 meters long
You can also rent the climbing equipment you need and go on your own

In our mountain and climbing goods store you can find all kinds of articles: clothing, footwear, technical equipment, even the best climbing books and guides in Mallorca.