Land and sea caves in Mallorca

The most popular

Water cave: Es Coloms (easy)

The best land caves

Cornavaques Cave (medium-high)

Sa Campana Cave (medium-high)

Travel to the center of the earth with Món d’Aventura!

Mallorca, an island with more than 10,000 localized caves, some of them the longest and most spectacular in Europe, such as the Cova d’Es Pas de Vallgornera (73 km. of caves divided into underwater routes, along the surface of the water and through land), Sa Gleda, a spectacular underwater cave still unexplored (broadcast by Al filo de lo imposible), Sa Campana cave, one of the deepest in Mallorca, exceeding 340 meters deep…

Discover the fascinating underground world of limestone, a great diversity of ancient caves, stalactites, stalagmites, spectacular rock formations, natural pools, natural caverns, hidden rooms and tunnels that lead into the unknown.

Món d’Aventura will show you the hidden secrets of the most beautiful caves in Mallorca. Speleology in Mallorca is offered to cavers of all levels. There are caves suitable for beginners, which can be explored on foot. Others require bending, climbing, crawling on hands and knees, and even the use of rope techniques. Experienced cavers can also discover caves that require advanced spelunking techniques and equipment.