Sa Campana cave

 ¡Discover one of the largest caves in Mallorca!

How to book: available for private visits any day of the year, please contact us

 meeting point

 Acueduct of Gorg Blau (Escorca)

 (39.816121, 2.824133) (map)

 length  6 hours
 approximate distance  4 kilometers
 tour inside the cave  1,9 kilometers
 maximum abseil  8 meters
 level  medium-difficult
 recommended minimum age   10 years old
 highlights  big rooms and inland lakes

The cave of Sa Campana, of great biological and speleological interest, is the second deepest cavity (up to -350 meters!) and one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. We can divide it into several sectors of varying difficulty, composed of huge rooms and a multitude of formations.

Our route takes us through impressive rooms, filled with all kinds of formations: flows, catteries, gours, wells… they all spectacular for their sizes and shapes.

Certainly we’ll be impressed by the size of the cave and size of its rooms and formations, because there is no other known cave on the island with chambers of this magnitude.


Imagen: topografía de la cuova de Sa Campana (Grup Geogràfic de Gràcia).

During the excursion

  • An adventure guide, good knowledge of the area and family atmosphere, will guarantee us a safe, enriching and fun tour and he will explain us the most important aspects of the places visited.
  • We’ll walk through the most beautiful places of Mallorca, exploring spectacular landscapes, lapiaz fields (karrenfeld) and hidden corners.
  • We’ll do a tour in the cave on a guided itinerary in its best known rooms: Campament, de Gràcia, Bonica, Es Fang and Es Gours.
  • We’ll visit the room of Gràcia or d’es Gegants (of the Giants), that will leave us totally impressed with its high ceiling of 30 meters and its nearly 10,000 m2, where could fit the cathedral of Palma!

Wild fauna

  • Often we’ll see: cavemen endemic species, wild goats, endemic birds, bats…
  • On some occasions: black vulture, kite…
Personal equipment of each participant
essential recommended not recommended
  • comfortable clothing
  • sports shoes
  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • water (minimum 1.5 L./person)
  • snack (nuts, energy bars, fruit)
  • old clothing / jumpsuit
  • photo camera
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • headlamp (5 €/discount/person if you bring yours!)
  • full harness and safety helmet
  • ropes and necessary technical equipment
  • entitled guide with:
    • first aid kit
    • Media: mobile phone and/or radio
    • rescue and relief material