Kayak courses – Advanced

For people who have successfully passed the three Initiation courses 

Eskimo roll and self-rescue techniques Kayak expedition Preparation for TDI kayak access

Advanced Kayak courses are intended to anyone who dominate the techniques and content of the Initiation level courses and wants to continue training canoeing in more specific content.

The Advanced level consists of three different courses (Eskimo Roll and sel-rescue techniques, kayak expedition and preparation for access tests to Kayak guide course (Spanish Canoe Federation)). Each course is independent of the others.

Adapted to the needs of participants at any level, each person can choose the course that suits them best depending on their needs and preferences.


Designed for participants who have completed the three introductory courses or consider that they have the skills to learn the Eskimo-roll.

The Eskimo roll is the best and safest way to recover yourself if you ever capsize your sea kayak. It is a fast system that avoids having to exit the kayak, empty and re-enter. There are dozens of ways to do an eskimo roll, but we only need master one or two. The styles are going to learn the most commonly taught. Learning to make the turn is not easy, but doing it in a real life situation is even more difficult, so you have to continue practicing regularly.

An advanced level course where the most popular and practical styles of eskimo will be practiced to perform the technique of self-rescue in case of rollover.


  • Review of the rowing technique
  • Explanation of prior and necessary knowledge to learn the Eskimo-roll
  • Practice of Eskimo-roll
  • Practice Eskimo in other variants

Designed for participants who have completed the Initiation Course or people who comply with the knowledge to be acquired during said course.

We will begin the session working the dry rowing technique, to implement all the contents worked in dry in a canoe, and making a short kayak excursion.



Preparation for the tests to access the course Sports Technician in Kayak Level I, (Spanish Canoe Federation).

By express request.

Personal Equipment
essential recommended  not recommended
  • swimsuit
  • water (1,5L. minimum/person)
  • watershoes/flip flops
  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • Lycra T-Shirt
  • waterproof camera
  • snack, energy bars, fruit
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • waterproof tank
  • kayak and technical equipment
  • entittled guide with:
    •  first aid kit
    •  Media: mobile phone and/or radio
    •  rescue and relief material