Kayak in Mallorca: Blue Cave and boat tour

The hidden Blue Cave with its magical colors and other corners of the northern area

One of the most TOP tours! Including a virgin cove, reefs, caves, natural rock bridge and the islet of El Colomer

 meeting point  · at 9:50 a.m. at the beach of Cala Molins, in Cala Sant Vicenç (Pollença)
· coordinates: 39.919857, 3.057967
· map

 length  3,5 hours
 level  medium
 minimum age  14 years
 approximate distance  14 kilometers (7 km by kayak and 7 km by boat)
 highlights  the incredible Blue Cave, return by boat
personal equipment needed

Before going sailing with our kayak, our guide will introduce us to the most basic kayak techniques to make the tour safely.

We will start our route in kayak from Cala Sant Vicenç or from Cala Bóquer, depending on weather and sea conditions and group logistics. We will sail with our kayak coasting the cliffs and caves of Cavall Bernat of Pollença, a show of reefs, breathtaking cliffs, hidden aquatic caves, islets, many wildlife…

In the unspoilt beach of Cala Bóquer, a unique corner that hides thousands of secrets, we will go into the Blue Cave or Cova del Vell Marí. Cala Bóquer is introduced 300 meters inland, barricaded by towering cliffs, of limestone and sandstone and free of vegetation. There, we can have fun snorkeling among its clear waters, where we can find many fishes and other underwater animals, or just relax enjoying an idyllic landscape, surrounded by cliffs of spectacular rock formations.

This tour consists of a tour by kayak along the coast cliffs, and a boat tour in deep water, where we can even see dolphins!

During the Tour

  • We will learn quickly the basics of kayaking.
  • Our kayak guide, who knows the area and with friendly service, will guarantee us a safe, enriching and fun tour, and will explain us the most important aspects of the places visited.
  • We will sail through the most turquoise and crystal clear waters of Mallorca, exploring spectacular landscapes and hidden corners.
  • We will cross all the mountains of Cavall Bernat until leaving the bay of Cala Sant Vicenç, sailing under giant cliffs, reefs and mysterious aquatic caves.
  • We will go back to Punta de la Salada and Punta Troneta, behind which they hide, still, many more surprises.
  • We will visit the Blue Cave, a large aquatic cave that reflects blue tones under the sea and allows us to swim inside.
  • We will disembark at the unspoilt beach of Cala Bóquer, where we can choose the adventure that we are most interested in: diving with snorkel, or relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • We will go back to the meeting point in a wonderful speedboat route from Cala Bóquer to the bay of Cala Sant Vicenç.

If someone wants to navigate in a single or in a sea/closed kayak, they can do so, requesting it, in advance, to our reservation center, and paying a supplement.