Kayak: Secret Beach

Tour in one of the most inhospitable and deep waters of Mallorca

How to book: join a group every tuesday from June to October or book a private tour any day all year around

 meeting point 

at 9:50 a.m. on the beach of Cala Molins, in Cala Sant Vicenç (Pollença)

coordinates: 39.919857, 3.057967


 length  3,5 hours
 level  medium
 approximate distance  8 kilometers
 type of kayak  sit on top / open
 recommended minimum age   16 years old
 highlights  possibility to see dolphins paddling in deep water

Before going sailing with our kayak, our guide will introduce us to the most basic kayak techniques to make the tour safely.

During the tour, we will leave quietly with our kayak Cala Sant Vicenç, away to the wildest corners of the area, sailing between reefs, passing under a natural rock bridge… all between the turquoise and crystal clear waters of a breathtaking lonely place.

We will give back to the Cape of Coves Blanques, to reach the great unspoilt cove of Cala Estremer, one of the most inaccessible coves of Mallorca, flanked by high vertical cliffs of Cape de l’Àguila and the broken rugged cliffs of Cape Galera. In this unspoilt cove we could relax and contemplate this wonderful natural environment of primitive beauty.

There, in the interest of everyone, we will have time to choose our better adventure: snorkel in crystal waters where normally see rays, cliff jumping, walking tour of the beach, relax to get ready for the return.

After this stop, we will embark again on our kayak to return through deep waters and continue to enjoy the spectacular scenery to Cala Molins.

During the Tour

  • We will learn quickly the basics of kayaking.
  • Our kayak guide, who knows the area and friendly service, will guarantee us a safe, enriching and fun tour, and will explain the most important aspects of the places visited.
  • We will sail through the most turquoise and crystal clear waters of Mallorca, exploring spectacular landscapes and hidden corners.
  • We will start in Cala Molins, through Cala Clara and Cala Barques, sailing under the impressive Cape of Coves Blanques and along the peninsula overlooking the Hill of l’Àguila and Hill Roig.
  • We will disembark at Cala Estremer, a pristine beach only accessible by sea, where we could choose the adventure that most interests us: climbing rock walls dropping to the sea, dive with snorkel, jumping into the sea from the rocks… or just relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • We will go back in deep water, enjoying the view towards the imposing cliffs of the Cavall Bernat.


  • Often we see: wild goats, ospreys, cormorants, birds and many endemic fishes of different shapes and sizes.
  • Sometimes: black vultures, kites, dolphins, flying fishes…
Personal Equipment
essential recommended  not recommended
  • swimsuit
  • water (1,5L. minimum/person)
  • flip flops
  • sunscreen
  • Lycra T-Shirt
  • waterproof camera
  • snack, energy bars, fruit
  • water resistant shoes
  • cap
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • waterproof tank
  • kayak and technical equipment
  • entittled guide with:
    •  first aid kit
    •  Media: mobile phone and/or radio
    •  rescue and relief material
People with special needs Private Tour
Our guides and instructors have extensive experience with all types of people and groups. Contact our reservation center to inform with everything you need. Do you want to choose when and how to enjoy your exclusive tour? Contact our reservation center and our best guide will accompany you on an adventure fully adapted to your needs and preferences.