Canyoning in Mallorca: Gorg Blau and Sa Fosca

Considered one of the most spectacular canyons in the world!

For 1 hour in total darkness!

IMPORTANT! MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Have extensive experience in canyoning and being able to maneuver autonomously (without help from the guide) OR having completed the Canyoning Initiation II course with Món d’Aventura. 

The route of this canyon is spectacular, with a stretch of about an hour, where it is necessary to use artificial light due to the low light entering through the top of the canyon. A descent that will leave any canyoner indifferent. A crack of more than 200 meters high and, sometimes, just one meter breadth, offer us a unique ravine.

 meeting point 

 8 a.m. Restaurant Escorca (Escorca)

(39.825911, 2.847746) (map)

 length  9 hours
 level  hard
 recommended minimum age   16 years old
 total distance  6,5 kilometers
 total canyoning distance  2,2 kilometers
 slope  320 meters
 maximum abseil  18 meters
 highlights  the impressive 400 final meters of darkness
Countless slides, abseils, jumps, down climbing, siphons, long pools, countless rock formations, and many sensations throughout the tour impossible to transmit in words or images. The canyon of Gorg Blau and Sa Fosca ends in the Torrent de Pareis.
In this ravine it’s important to know where you can jump, abseil, where we find escape exits, til abort if conditions are not favorable. Món d’Aventura offers professional canyoning guides, big knowledgeables of the canyon of Gorg Blau and Sa Fosca that will give us confidence, fun and knowledge to make this descent with maximum security.A canyon suitable only for canyoners already initiated in this sport, who have made several ravines before or have completed the canyoning course Initiation II that Món d’Aventura offers.

During the tour

  • Presentation of the instructor
  • Presentation of the itinerary and times
  • Standards and security protocols
  • Progression systems we’ll use
  • Overcome trough the path of Torrent de Pareis to the starting point


The ravine Gorg Blau and Sa Fosca doesn’t require exceptional technical expertise, but it’s a canyon where there are the greatest number of accidents and rescues, so we must do it with the essential knowledge. Món d’Aventura offers guide service with local professionals, recognized by the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing, stunning connoisseurs of the ravines of Mallorca, who will greatly minimize the risks of any tour.

ATTENTION! This tour is recommended only and exclusively to people: experienced in canyoning or who have completed the canyoning course Initiation II with Món d’Aventura and good physical condition. It’s very important that all participants are informed of the activity they will do and contact our reservation center if you are concerned about your physical condition or required level.

Personal equipment of each participant
indispensable recommended not recommended
  • slip / bikini
  • comfortable clothes
  • trainers that can get wet
  • water (minimum 1.5 L./person)
  • snack (energy bars, fruit)
  • lunch
  • towel
  • spare clothes and shoes
  • thermal shirt
  • old backpack (approx. 25 L.)
  • waterproof camera
  • electronic devices
  • valuable items
Equipment provided by Món d’Aventura
  • wetsuit (10 €/discount/person if you bring your own!)
  • tight-sealed waterproof boat
  • full harness and safety helmet
  • ropes and technical equipment necessary
  • professional guide with:
    • first aid kit
    • media: mobile phone and/or radio
    • rescue and relief material
People with special needs Private tour
Our guides and instructors have extensive experience with all types of people and groups. Contact our reservation center to inform with everything you need. Do you want to choose when and how to enjoy your exclusive tour? Contact our reservation center and our best guide will accompany you on an adventure fully adapted to your needs and preferences.