Canyoning in Mallorca: Gorg Blau and Sa Fosca

Considered one of the most spectacular canyons in Europe!

For 1 hour in total darkness!

IMPORTANT! MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Have experience in canyoning, be in good physical shape or have taken a canyoning course. 

 meeting point  · at 7:50 a.m. at the Escorca Restaurant (ESCORCA)
· coordinates: 39.825911, 2.847746

 · map
 duration  9 hours
 level  difficult
 minimum age  16 years
 total itinerary  6,5 kilometers
 total slope  320 meters
 maximum abseil  18 meters
 highlights  fnarrow channel between giant walls, numerous jumps and 500 m. totally in the dark
personal equipment needed

The Gorg Blau canyon and the Sa Fosca section (where the sun does not reach) is one of the most spectacular in Mallorca, and even in Europe. The brave ones in venturing to discover this ravine (July 1964) took 48 hours to discover its end, “if it had it”.

It is one of the longest and most exhausting canyons on the island, hidden between towering rock walls of up to 300 m. of height, so narrow that they leave us in total darkness for an hour, although the sensation is so captivating that it makes us lose track of time.

The more than 40 jumps, the 6 km. of distance, the capricious molded along its channel and the impressive turquoise and green tones of its deep pools and walls leave us completely overwhelmed. We will be able to contemplate the fantastic landscape from beginning to end, until we see the light again at S’Entreforc, emotion that can not be described with words. Throughout its twisted channels we will encounter all kinds of obstacles that we will have to overcome by walking, jumping, descending, rappelling…

We will begin the descent by an open channel that is confined little by little, and soon we will begin to find parts that stick out and rappels, where we can jump in most of them. The channel narrows until it is flooded with water, and we reach the Pont Natural. Right after, we will continue to find numerous jumps, flooded corridors, more rappels, the escape of the Pas d’es Duro… and some dark step that makes us perceive what will soon come.

When arriving at Sa Fosca, we will equip ourselves with our headlamps and we will prepare ourselves to enjoy an hour of “refreshing” descent totally in the dark. We will continue enjoying the amazing formations in a totally different and narrow environment.

We will know that we are reaching the end of the route when we begin to notice the widening of the high walls at the point of S’Entrefoc, where the Gorg Blau and the Torrent de Lluc meet to give rise to the famous Torrent de Pareis, which it takes us to the sea. But we will not continue the journey of the Torrent de Pareis to the sea, but we will start the return along the path up the mountain. The way back is quite hard and with a big slope and it will take an hour more, approximately, to finish the day.