Booking conditions and cancellation policy

Before confirming a reservation, you must have been properly informed of the nature of the activity to be booked, minimum requirements (if any), booking conditions and cancellation policy.


1. To make a reservation, we need the following INFORMATION
  • First name of group leader
  • Number of participants
  • Contact mobile phone with international code
  • E-mail address
  • Tour/Activity
  • Date of the tour/activity
Additional Information that could be necessary
  • ID or passport number of the group leader: for the issuance of the invoice
  • Complete postal address: for the issuance of the invoice
  • Age: only if there are children in the group
  • Height and weight: only for water caving or canyoning
  • Shoe size: only for climbing
  • Important Information: diseases, allergies, people with disabilities, others
2. To confirm the reservation, it’s essential to make the PAYMENT of the total amount before the day of the tour
I want to pay by card I want to pay by bank transfer I want to pay in person

Once we received all the information and confirmed the payment, we’ll send you a booking confirmation via e-mail or deliver a physical receipt if paying in person at the store.

Remember that the tours have a maximum number of places and no reservation is considered confirmed until you have completed all the booking process and have received such confirmation from Món d’Aventura.


1. By the visitor Alternatives 2. By Món d’Aventura Alternatives
  1. With more than 72 hours in advance
  2. With more than 24 hours in advance
  3. With less than 24 hours in advance
  1. 100% refund
  2. 50% refund
  3. 0% refund
  • Due to lack of participants
  • By adverse weather
    • Wind and waves: normally, at least the previous day is notified.
    • Rain: it’s not canceled by drizzle and it’s not notified until the last moment, because the rain forecast is rarely reliable.

Do an alternative tour

Postpone your tour

Cancel your reservation without cost

No refund will be considered in case of cancellation once the activity has already started.

For any questions or more information, contact the reservation center of Món d’Aventura.

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