Let’s go rock climbing in Slovenia!

Slovenia prides itself with some of the most diverse terrain in Europe. We pretty much have every natural phenomenon covered. Except for maybe deserts, tundra and ice caps. And with geographical blessing comes a very wide selection of outdoor activities.

Slovenes have been able to harness the great opportunities the local natural world has provided. The wonderful sport of rock climbing is of course included. This incredible activity, which gives a whole-body workout and supplies stunning views to boot, is becoming increasingly popular a country that has a long tradition in of rock climbing.

With over 100 rock climbing crags and nearly 5,000 routes of varying difficulty, Slovenia offers some amazing hidden and less hidden places where you can indulge in this sport.

Once such destination lies in Slovenia’s coastal region. It’s where the gorgeous Karst Plateau meets the Adriatic Sea and presents rock climbers with some exquisite terrain. Quickly accessible from anywhere in the country (yes, Slovenia is that small), Rock Climbing Slovenia takes you to Osp, which is suitable all-year-round due to its Istrian microclimate. The routes are quite challenging, even for world-famous Adam Ondra, but thanks to our professional guides, you can be sure to have a great day out tackling the crags found in this area.

Other excellent climbing destinations can be enjoyed in the Slovenian Alps. Here, whether conditions change quickly, especially in the summer, while winter is usually to snowy and cold, giving way to ice climbing instead. But spring and autumn are perfect! The area around Lakes Bled and Bohinj are home to jaw-dropping climbs amidst surreally scenic surroundings. In fact, the entire region serves as a training ground for alpinists who have conquered the world’s most demanding peaks.

Slovenia’s alpine world is also full of outstanding via ferrata trails, where you can combine your rock-climbing skills with hiking and mountaineering. The most famous destination being the county’s highest mountain – Mt Triglav.

The great thing about rock climbing is that practically anyone with a moderate physical condition can do it. Suffering from vertigo if of course a down side, but even that can be treated with gradual practice in the safe hands of professionals.

Rock Climbing Slovenia offers beginners the chance to get their first taste of rock climbing by learning the basics and mastering the necessary techniques. Intermediate and advanced climbers won’t be left out, as they’ll get to explore the more thrilling sections of our rugged landscape. Whether conditions are monitored carefully and climbing routes picked with great precision, so as to present climbers with the most suitable crags and tailor the whole experience to their needs.

Safety is always the top priority. Even when ascending exceptionally steep rock faces, rock climbing guides make sure that participants feel safe throughout their climb.

Enough of theoretical boasting – come see for yourself. The crags await!