Climbing courses in Mallorca

Introductory Courses Multi-pitch courses for already initiated climbers

Món d’Aventura offers climbing courses for all levels, from the beginner level to the most advanced courses to improve in any of the modalities we offer.

We present three courses for future climbers who want to venture into this fascinating sport, where Mallorca offers us the best scenario to practice climbing. With the completion, improvement and complete understanding of the three courses, participants will have the rules and necessary content to be able to climb independently with their group of climbing friends:

  • Climbing Introduction 1 course: For those who have never climbed or have practiced climbing only in climbing halls and want to venture into rock climbing.
  • Climbing Introduction 2 course: For already initiated climbers who consider the contents of the previous level already acquired.
  • Climbing Introduction 3 course: For climbers who have taken the contents of level 1 well and have practiced the contents of level 2.

For climbers already initiated and who want to venture into the multipitch climbing we propose two different courses: