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Watercave Coloms

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Cave Ca’l Pesso (Easy cave)

Cornavaques (Medium / difficult)

Sa Campana (medium / difficult)

The mountains hide a subterranean world of genuine mystery!

Mallorca due to its geology is a unique caves paradise, with over 10.000 of them, including some of the most beautiful and longest ones in Europe:

  • Cova de Vallgornera (with a total of 73 km. of underwater, surface and land cave)
  • Sa Gleda (a magnificent, still largely unexplored underwater cave)
  • Coves del Drac (highly touristic but still amazing underwater area)
  • Sa Campana (with its lowest hall at a spectacular 340 meters deep and with a hall so wide that you could fit the whole cathedral of Palma inside)

Discover the fascinating underground world of limestone, stalactites, stalagmites, spectacular rock formations, natural pools, hidden rooms and tunnels leading into the unknown in these ancient caves.

Món d’Aventura will show you the secrets of the most beautiful caves in Mallorca. We offer caving adventures to speleologists of all levels. There are suitable caves for beginners which can be easily explored on foot. Others require bending, climbing, crawling on your hands and knees, and even using rope techniques. Experienced cavers can also join us and discover caves that require more advanced techniques and caving equipment.


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