Coasteering Cliff Jumping in Mallorca

The perfect combination of many adventures, all at once. Suitable for all levels of expertise! If you come alone, or you are a small group, you may join any of the weekly scheduled tours in… Read more

Hiking or Trekking in Mallorca

Mallorca, trekking paradise: one of the most charming places to hike! Discover endless possibilities for trekking or hiking in the island If you come alone, or you are a small group, you may join any… Read more

Canyoning in Mallorca

CANYONING SEASON IN MALLORCA: October – 31st June Do you want to find out what to do in Mallorca when our spectacular canyons are dry? COME WITH US AND BE AMAZED WITH OUR MOST REFRESHING ALTERNATIVES! More than 40 amazing… Read more

Rock climbing in Mallorca

Mallorca: Paradise for all sorts of climbing! In Món d’Aventura we offer options from beginners to climbers of all levels. Classic climbing routes and sports climbing of various lengths up to 600 meters long and… Read more

Equipment rental for canyoning in Mallorca

TERMS OF EQUIPMENT LEASE  Canyoning equipment  Concept  €/day  Concept  €/day wetsuit 10 locking carabiner 1  socks 2 eight descender 2 waterproof sealed box 5 helmet 5 harness 5 rope 0,5/m. daisy 3 canyoning backpack 6 cabestrillo 3 trainers… Read more

Caving or Speleology in Mallorca

The mountains hide a subterranean world of genuine mystery! Mallorca due to its geology is a unique caves paradise, with over 10.000 of them, including some of the most beautiful and longest ones in Europe:… Read more